Latest Update:

DWU is excited to announce that, after a brief delay due to performance issues, the contractor has resumed construction on the Walcrest Pump Station & Reservoir. Heavy construction has also recommenced, including concrete work around the pump station. As such, traffic controls have been reinstated, indefinitely closing the right lane of northbound Hillcrest Road, from Walnut Hill Lane to Aberdeen Avenue, each weekday. This closure is a required safety precaution to protect passing traffic and pedestrians from heavy construction equipment entering and leaving the site. The updated traffic control plan can be viewed below. 

In addition, we’re pleased to report that the new pump station is up and running as of December 2019. Dallas Water Utilities will decommission and turn over the original pump station (pictured below) to the contractor for demolition in the coming weeks so construction on the second water storage reservoir can proceed. (2/4/20) 

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Lee Kleinman, District 11
Jennifer Staubach Gates, District 13

Welcome to Walcrest!

We are proud to report that the Walcrest Reservoir Project is progressing well. Since 2014, we’ve continued to work hard to revamp our reliable water system and provide safe drinking water to Dallas. As this project advances, we look forward to construction beginning in November 2015, and completion in Fall 2021. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Office Contact Information:

Council Member Lee Kleinman – District 11


District 11 website

Council Member Jennifer Staubach Gates – District 13


District 13 website


Put into service in 1956, the current Walcrest facility directly serves more than 200,000 area residents. Due to the facility’s age, the pump station and reservoir have exceeded their useful service life and now are in need of a major overhaul.

With the completion of the new facility in 2021, the Walcrest reservoir and pump station will provide greater efficiency, operational flexibility and enhanced water quality for the community for decades to come.

Traffic Control Plan

Traffic around the construction site will be affected and controls, including electronic signage, are in place. Traffic controls began December 2015. You can find specifics on traffic routing around the construction site here:




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