About Walcrest

The original Walcrest Pump Station & Reservoir facility was put into service in 1956. Fast forward to today, the reservoir holds 20 million gallons of water, and the pump station now directly serves more than 200,000 area residents and supports a larger system that services 850,000 Dallas residents.

Due to the facility’s age, the original pump station and reservoir exceeded their useful service life and underwent a major overhaul. The new facility brings Walcrest into compliance with Texas Commission on Environmental Quality regulations and will continue to safely and efficiently serve the community for decades to come.

Did you know?

The Walcrest reservoir can store a maximum of 20 million gallons of drinking water. The pump station takes water from the reservoir and sends up to 85 million gallons of water into the water distribution system for the City of Dallas every day.

Reasons for the New Walcrest Facility

Pump Station and Control Room

  • Equipment age was more than 50 years old and became less reliable
  • Due to the previous station’s age, replacement parts were difficult to obtain
  • Access and limited space in the previous pump room restricted maintenance activities
  • The previous facility did not meet building codes, and current mechanical and hydraulic design standards


  • The structural integrity of the reservoir was compromised due to age and groundwater infiltration
  • The Walcrest reservoir was deemed as non-compliant (overflow, roof slope, earthen cover, drain connection) with the current codes and standards set forth by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)