Frequently Asked Questions

How long will construction last? Though completion was originally scheduled for Fall 2019, the primary contractor responsible for constructing the upgraded Walcrest Pump Station and Reservoir recently notified us of several areas of the project that will require additional work to meet specifications for the job. As a result, the contractor has indicated that additional time will be required for completion of the required work. We are currently negotiating a schedule with the contractor to resume work and complete the project, but the preliminary timeline places construction completion in Fall 2021.

What is the updated timeline for major project milestones? Factoring in the recent contractor delays, preliminary timelines schedule Walcrest for completion in Fall 2021. Shortly after the facility is completed, the City of Dallas plans to install irrigation and landscaping around the site. The landscaping construction is planned to bid in Winter/Spring 2021.

Does this delay mean more traffic controls? There will be no traffic controls in place near the Walcrest project until construction on Cell 2 of the reservoir begins in Spring 2020, at which time traffic controls will resume. For specific information on the approved Walcrest traffic control plan, click here.

What caused the delay? Similar to the process of constructing a new home or commercial building, there are features and functions of the Walcrest facility that need additional attention before DWU can accept the project as completed. With this additional time, the contractor will work to address any items that have not been up to DWU’s standards.  

What impact will this delay have on the finished product? Our expectation is that the Walcrest facility, when completed to DWU’s standards, will dependably serve Dallas residents for another fifty to sixty years, with routine maintenance.

Will you share more updates about the delay? We will continue to keep neighbors updated through our project website and social media channels as the contractor and their team take the steps needed to allow us to accept their work on behalf of you, our customers. Find us on Facebook – Walcrest Pump Station. Follow us on Twitter @Dallas_Walcrest.

Will we be able to use the sidewalk on Hillcrest and Walnut Hill? For public safety, sidewalks adjacent to construction activities will be closed.

Will construction of the new facility affect the quality of our drinking water? All connections between the facility and the Dallas Water Utilities distribution system will be disconnected during construction and then reconnected when the new facility and pipelines are ready to be placed in service.

Will we experience any service interruptions during construction? Service interruptions are not anticipated.

How much will this project cost? The construction contract was awarded for $36,780,500. 

Will I see an increase in my water bill because of this project? Water rates are used to fund future projects. This project was funded by previously established water rates.

Who can I contact for further questions? Please direct all inquiries through the e-mail query on our Contact page.